Carbon Cost Calculator

NMT Carbon Damage Mitigation Certificates  ? connect your CO2 emissions with macadamia trees planted and maintained by smallholder farmers in Malawi.


Annual Carbon Footprint ?
×Average citizen CO2 emission values

We use an average U.K. citizen CO2 emission value of approximately 5 tonnes CO2 per person per year.

For extensive information about carbon footprints see International CO2 emissions (OurWorldInData) data.

Carbon values are rounded to the nearest 0.02 tCO2 which caters for the units we use in our allocation to trees.

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Air Flight Footprint ?
×Flight emission calculations

Calculations are based on distance of flights using established averages of passanger per km travelled by civilian international flight aircraft. Factors used for calculating flight CO2 cost are between 1.4 and 1.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per 10,000 km per person depending on flight distance.
Shorter flights emit more CO2 per person per km due to most fuel emissions occurring during take off.

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The Radiative Forcing Index (RFI)
Selecting this checkbox improves the mitigation value of your certificate by including the impact of other green house gas emissions of your flights. Each gas emitted has a global warming potential that is matched with a CO2 value. You can find out more about the RFI from Radiative Forcing (wikipedia)


Business class seats
On average a business class seat uses approximate three times the amount of fuel per passanger.

Please select the route you are flying

Driving Footprint ?
×Vehicle emission calculations

Vehicle CO2 emissions are calculated from standard petrol/diesel/LPG carbon content and electrical charging CO2 emissions from average data from

Your vehicle fuel economy

Domestic Energy Footprint ?

Domestic energy emission calculations
Approximate emission factors used:
Electricity 0.25 tCO2 / MWh;   Gas 0.25 tCO2 / MWh;   Oil: 0.25 tCO2 / 100 litres
See & Emission intensity (Wikipedia)

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