Macadamia Smallholder Farmers In Malawi

The above video presents the following description of the benefits of smallholder macadamia farming in Malawi by HIMACUL manager Ken Mkangala:

  • Ntchisi has been chosen because of its high altitude - that is why it is suitable for macadamia growing. For the altitude we are talking in the range of 500 m to 1500 m above sea level.
  • For some one who has never never grown macadamia, the first thing you should know is macadamia is a very high value crop; economically a farmer should really benefit by growing macadamia. Once planted in an area it will contribute to soil conservation and water conservation - in general it will conserve the environment.
  • The second thing to know is that macadamia does not require a lot of inputs to grow it, so even with minimal management even with just organic matter applied a farmer should be able to get a yield.
  • The only problem that farmers are facing is that the seed gives a crop that gives them yield or return after 3 or 4 years, so farmers are not very ready to wait for that period.
  • The growing of macadamia does not necessarily prohibit farmers from growing other crops. Even the spacing of this crop is so wide the farmer can also grow other crops in between, so the farmer can produce a lot of crops from one piece of land.

Two significant benefits highlighted by smallholders Elias and Elisy on the video are:

  • Elias: "I have to keep healthy and macadamia will be the pension for my life."
  • Elisy: "When I first saw those macadamia trees I tested them and found that they were very nice to eat. So I gave the trees to my children to plant. When you eat the nuts you get strong and when you give it to an unhealthy child he changes and gets healthy."

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